Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (July 2019)

Patient’s Age: 74-years-old
Admission Date: 06/13/18
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Husband was resident’s caregiver until needing skilled nursing so resident joined.
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Husband is a resident at The Encore.

Details of experience:
Mrs. Eileen Sheinmel was peacefully visiting her husband (who is a resident at The Encore) one day and then the unfortunate happened. In June of 2019, Eileen tried to get out of her wheelchair and had a fall. She did not sustain any serious injuries; however, this caused fear and frustration for her based on the realization that she was significantly more immobile than she had imagined, which motivated her to want physical therapy.

When starting therapy with her therapist, Jillian Lerner, Eileen was completely wheelchair-bound and could not walk at all without an employee supporting her. This frustrated her and she would often say that she wishes she could do more. She wasn’t sure whether she would succeed or not.

The good news was that her doubt and frustration did not last very long. Only a week later she started contact guard assist and was walking 125 feet with a walker. Then, within 3 days, she had progressed to standby assist and 200 feet with a walker! The progress started happening quicker and better than Eileen could have ever imagined!

Additionally, one of the things that made the experience for Eileen even better was some of the amenities that The Encore had to offer, such as their back patio. She shared “I love the back patio; I love sitting around the fishpond. It’s just so pretty out there.” Another thing that really helped her experience was the relationships that she had built with some of The Encore’s exceptional employees, as she emotionally stated, “The people here are very nice. My therapist Jillian [Lerner] gave me flowers for my birthday and Dana Nicolls (recreation assistant) got me a birthday gift (a nightgown and jewelry). I haven’t had a birthday this nice in years! My CNA, Viola, even bought me a scarf! Everyone has been so nice to me. Everyone is just so friendly!”

With only a little time after, Eileen had made even more progress! Only a week later she had made it to supervision and 300 feet with a walker! As time moved along, so did Eileen. Within the same week, she had the ability to walk on her own with a walker! She went from being wheelchair-bound to being modified independently in less than a month! With tremendous gratitude, she shared the director of concierge services “I wasn’t able to walk. Because of the therapy here [at The Encore] I’m walking again.”

We look forward to having Eileen celebrate with us for many more years!