Upcoming Events

Celebrate the month of August with us here at The Encore!


Events are subject to change. Please contact our Therapeutic Recreation Department for more information on August events!


Banana Split Photo Shoot

On Tuesday, August 9th at 2:30 pm, you are invited to join our Residents in making championship banana splits. Semi-Professional photo shoots will follow the Champion Banana Split makers! Three will be a photo shoot, music, games, and lots of Ice cream. This event is open to staff, Residents, and Families. Give us your best shot!


Neon 1980’s Brag Day

On Wednesday, August 17th at 2:30 pm, The Encore at Boca goes neon. Join our Neon Brag party and bring back memories of the 1980s. Many of our Residents were becoming Grandparents in the 1980s. It’s time to Glow and Brag. We will have a photo display of our Resident’s Grands and Great Grands. This event is for Residents, Families, and Staff. The event will include lots of Neon, A brag board, and snacks.


Encore Host a Pizza and Brew Party

On Thursday, August 21st at 2:30 pm, The Encore hosts a Pizza and Brew party. Your choice is Beer or Iced Tea. The party will take place at 2:30 pm for the Residents who live on the Essex side and 3:00 pm for our Residents who live on our Windsor side. This program is happening by popular demand by our Residents and a unanimous vote by our Resident Council members. The program is for our Residents and Staff to mingle and enjoy a bite together. The beer is, of course, a full-flavored zero alcohol brew by Budweiser and Heinekens, and the tea is by Lipton Ice cold tea company.


As we practice proper social distancing protocols in our community, we are proud to feature modified programming to continue providing vibrancy for our residents and employees. All events are subject to change. Please feel free to follow us on our Facebook page for continued updates as well as reach out to us via Messenger.