“I cannot believe how good the food is. It reminds me of my mother’s cooking. The sauce they use is very high quality. I eat every drop and never want to miss a meal.” – Anthony

“Before coming to The Encore, my arms did not work. I could barely move them, and I could hardly function. I could not even brush my teeth or comb my hair. Now, I can do everything with my right arm. I can drive my truck and can go to work. My left arm is still progressing. It is a miracle that I got better! I loved my therapists, Norma, Carol, and Eric. They were always happy and interested in helping me. We would talk and laugh together. Everyone at the building had an upbeat attitude. The housekeepers, recreation team, and the nursing staff were so friendly and pleasant. They were so accommodating. You’ve got a good place there!” – Brian B.

“I’ve been here about two and a half months, and I’ve had a nice experience at Encore. The staff is pleasant, Nurse Judy on the 2nd floor is professional and compassionate, and always has a smile. Michael, the Concierge, has been very pleasant, professional, and always made the guests and patients feel comfortable. My physical therapy experience was a great one. Overall, my recovery here has been wonderful. Thank you all for making my stay here comfortable.” – Anita H.

“The nurses and aides, especially Christine, Mona, and Carmene, were really wonderful and always cheerful. All of the nurses and aides came into my room to introduce themselves daily. I have been to so many places because I have broken so many things. I would come back to The Encore in a heartbeat. My stay there was outstanding. The facility was clean, and the atmosphere was pleasant. Everyone was upbeat and friendly, there were no bumps on my journey.” – Frances G.

“The Encore is one of the top places in South Florida. Having been to other facilities, I can say that this place is far superior to places known as the top. There were many staff members who made this place more than special!” – Carole S.

“Everything at The Encore is very nice. The therapists were exceptional in helping me when I was at a very weak point.” – Eva C.

“Todd and Dennis from the Amputee Program are fabulous. They’re the reason that I came to The Encore. They have given me lots of encouragement. It’s because of them that I am walking today!” – Rosemary F.

“When I came, I was in a wheelchair – I couldn’t walk… I couldn’t do anything. Now, I can walk! Everything about this place is amazing; it’s the best! And [my therapist], J.R., is the best!” – Pilar A.

“The therapy was good, the help was good, and the food was good – everything was wonderful! I came in a serious condition and I’m okay now!” – Arthur B.

“I knew I was going to get better as soon as I came. The nurses are fantastic, the aides are so pleasing. It’s like one big family!” – Olga A.

“The care here is great; they respond in a timely manner. You can see that they care.” – Robert C.

“I’m very pleased. I couldn’t walk when I came here and now I’m walking all over the place!” – Ronald D.

“Therapy was great. This place is very nice, clean, and just beautiful.” – Nicolas Y.

“I love this place. I was treated like a princess and the aides even tucked me in. I can’t find a thing wrong with it.” – Sandra F.

“Everyone here has been very nice, very comforting. Just a very enjoyable experience.” – Irene M.