Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (January 2021)

Patient’s Age: 87 years old
Admission Date: 01/11/21
Admitted From: Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 01/27/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 16 days
Reason for Stay: Peripheral Vascular Disease

Details of experience:
Pearl S., a delightful woman who was a patient at The Encore in 2019, had a pressure ulcer that was exceptionally painful. In the process of getting the ulcer checked through ultrasound and x-ray, it was discovered that there was a kidney injury, as well as occlusion of her left leg. As a result of these conditions, Pearl needed to rehabilitate, as her independence was compromised and as a result, decided to return to The Encore to get back to her normal state.

She began her therapy with the ability to walk up to 5 feet on modified assist with a rolling walker. She was totally dependent when it came to bathing and lower body dressing, and needed modified assistance for bed mobility and transfers. Despite all this, her therapist immediately felt after the first session, Pearl was showing potential based on her multi-step directions.

Just as her therapists had suspected, Pearl’s progress began very quickly. Within just six days, she had progressed to min assist for bed mobility, transfers, and for bathing, she evolved from total dependence to max assist. Incredibly, within the same six days, she went from walking five feet to 50 feet with minimum assistance!

Only a week later, Pearl was walking 100 feet contact guard assist, transfers & bed mobility contact guard assist, and was bathing & lower body dressing mod assist! The team was emotional and proud of her incredible progress!

Pearl was discharged home on January 27, 2021. Upon discharge she stated, “the therapy was really just incredible, I can’t thank my therapists Robinson (Marcellus) & Michael (Jordan) enough. They were kind, patient, and really got me where I am today. They’re good people”.

The Encore is extremely pleased that Pearl is independent now and wishes her continued success!