Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (September 2018)

Patients Age: 65-years-old
Admission Date: 06/23/2018
Admitted From: University of Miami Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length Of Stay: TBD
Reason For Stay: Melanoma and Tear Duct
How did this patient hear about The Encore: VA Hospital Suggested

Details of experience:

Mr. Richard Melito was admitted to The Encore from the University of Miami Hospital for melanoma and a tear duct (skin cancer). He was barely able to function when arriving at the hospital. He was unable to roll over in bed and if he would sit up, he would get dizzy and have to lay down quickly to avoid passing out.

In Mr. Melito’s first week at The Encore, he would only have treatment in his room because he simply was not well enough to leave. His therapists, Eric and Michael, would conduct exercises while Mr. Melito was in his bed. Mr. Melito shared, “My legs were so weak I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t even say the alphabet.”

After a few weeks of slow but steady progress, Mr. Melito was able to join the therapy team in the gym for a short time due to his ability to sit up longer. Mr. Melito would use the seated stepping machine and the standing frame but would have to end his sessions very early due to dizziness from his low blood pressure.

A little time after, Mr. Melito received a cerebral shunt, which helped drain liquid that was causing swelling and had affected other areas of the body, which was causing his slow progress. His blood pressure stabilized. Only a few days later, Mr. Melito began using the parallel bars and was walking 30 feet. Mr. Melito shared, “When I was walking everyone was shocked and they were all cheering and clapping.”
Two weeks after that, Mr. Melito was walking 100 feet with a walker and minimal assist. His progress began improving vastly at this point and with a short time, this expanded to 150 feet with contact guard assist! Just two weeks after that, Mr. Melito was walking 200 feet with only standby assist!

Today, Mr. Melito is able to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, dress, put himself in a wheelchair, and go to therapy all on his own! He is completely independent with a walker! Mr. Melito has taken back his life. He had shared with the Director of Concierge Services, “The therapy has been very good, it pushed me to where I am right now, I couldn’t do anything!”

His therapist, Michael, said, “In all my years I’ve never seen anything like it, his cancer is actively progressing, but every day he’s functioning better and better!”

Mr. Melito is very grateful to The Encore for all his incredible progress and is also very grateful to his amazing wife, Debbie, who has been with him through it all. As Mr. Melito shared with the Director of Concierge Services about his wife, “I hit the jackpot!”
We wish Richard and Debbie only the best going forward and can’t wait to see him keep on progressing!

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Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (August 2018)

Patients Age: 74-years-old
Admission Date: 05/28/2018
Admitted From: Bethesda Hospital
Discharge Date: 07/31/2018
Discharged To: Brookdale Assisted Living
Length Of Stay: 62 Days
Reason For Stay: Atrial Flutter
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Daughter shared about it

Details of experience:

Mr. Stephen Frazier arrived at The Encore after discharging from Bethesda Hospital where he had moderate to maximal assist for all of his activities of daily living (ADL’s). He was extremely weak, was in a lot of pain, and was NPO (unable to consume food or drink by mouth). It appeared from previous test results that Mr. Frazier would be unable to ever eat by mouth again. Mr. Frazier was extremely depressed about his condition. Aside from being extremely frustrated and anxious about his poor swallowing, he was also the caregiver for his wife prior to his hospitalization. Despite being on edge, he was very determined to get better and return home.

Due to Mr. Frazier’s motivation and the help from his physical, occupational and speech therapists, within just a few weeks he had increased bed mobility and was starting to be able to stand for slightly longer periods of time. His speech therapist, Julie Levy, was working with him on an oral motor and hyolaryngeal elevation exercises, and he had progressed from NPO to puree and honey thick liquid within a very short time.

Around a week later, Mr. Frazier’s mood had begun to change. Although he wasn’t thrilled, he had started to have more hope and was getting less depressed due to his progress. He was unable to walk a long distance with his walker but was still very determined.

With a little more time, Mr. Frazier was walking longer distances while at the same time was trialing one mechanical soft meal a day! At this point, Mr. Frazier’s mood had improved tremendously. Mr. Frazier would often say how appreciative he was of his therapists’ help and how they would go above and beyond to make him comfortable along with his aide, Stacy Anna, whom he loved very much.

Only a few weeks later, Mr. Frazier was walking over 300 feet and was wearing a green band which meant he’d be able to eat small amounts of regular foods!
On July 31st, 2018, when Mr. Frazier was discharged, he was performing ADL’s regularly with modified independence. Mr. Frazier had left The Encore to return back to Brookdale Assisted Living to be with his wife. We wish him and his wife only the best from The Encore.

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Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (July 2018)

Patients Age: 85
Admission Date: 6/3/2018
Admitted From: Boca Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/16/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 44 Days
Reason of Stay: Fractured Hip, Right Left Open Reduction Internal Fixation
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Boca Regional Hospital

Mr. Gordon Dern was admitted to The Encore from Boca Regional Hospital where he had been in a state of complete living dependence and came to The Encore to learn how to live independently again. When Mr. Dern arrived, he was completely dependent and was in a lot of pain. On Mr. Dern’s first day, his therapists, Grace Montague and Edline Morin, treated him immediately for pain.

Mr. Dern was unable to do anything on his own. He was on oxygen and required assistance with lifting his foot. He was able to stand but could not take any steps. He was only able to tolerate approximately 20 minutes of therapy at a time and he would often complain that he was in pain. At this point, Mr. Dern was concerned that he may never be able to walk again or go home. Mr. Dern, however, was committed to doing everything he could to get better.
With time, Mr. Dern was able to tolerate extended therapy sessions. He would go to therapy every day and personally challenge himself alongside his therapists. Mr. Dern shared, “The therapists were excellent. I have no complaints about the treatment. They went beyond the call of duty.” Through his progression, his mood subsequently improved, becoming increasingly more hopeful in the rehabilitation process.

A week later, Mr. Dern’s pain began to decrease, and he was able to tolerate standing while taking a few steps with a walker. His activity tolerance and endurance began to increase, allowing him to participate in self-care tasks, including self-dressing without pain. With a little more time, Mr. Dern started ambulating with contact guard assist with a walker and was walking approximately 50 feet. In the same week, Mr. Dern progressed to standby assist, ambulating approximately 75 feet and very shortly after he was under basic supervision with a walker.

By the time Mr. Dern was ready for discharge, he was ambulating with a rolling walker with supervision from his aide and was up to 150 feet. Mr. Dern was discharged on August 17th, 2018, to his home in Delray Beach and was thrilled with his progress. He had reached out to Michael Rubin, director of concierge services and shared, “Only after a month later I’m in excellent shape. A physical therapist came to my house and was amazed by my condition. Everything about my hip is basically perfect. I’m in good shape. In fact, I went to a surgeon a few weeks ago and he as in awe about the condition I was in after such a short time of rehab.”

We wish the best to Mr. Dern as he is working towards a point with the least restrictive device.

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Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (June 2018)

Patients Age: 70
Admission Date: 3/24/2018
Admitted From: Northwest Medical Center
Discharge Date: 6/12/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 73 Days
Reason of Stay: Overall Weakness
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Friends that were at The Encore before (and mother is a resident)

Dr. Sandra Porterfield was admitted to The Encore from Northwest Medical Center for sepsis, which required roughly three months of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. When Dr. Porterfield arrived, she was 100% dependent. She was fragile, as she couldn’t even lift her cell phone. Dr. Porterfield was unable to eat without a peg-tube and needed a Hoyer-lift to be transferred. She felt paralyzed from the waist down. She was suffering from clinically induced depression, which resulted in her often being upset when considering her current state of health. Dr. Porterfield was placed on isolation for her first week. She was very non-cooperative in result of her depression. Her physical therapist, Mical Orrell, and her occupational therapist, Eric Kalina, originally were only able to position her in bed and perform select in-bed exercises and active assistive techniques to begin. In a short amount of time, her therapist asked her sit on a chair after Dr. Porterfield finally agreed to transfer from bed. Eventually, she agreed to come to the gym for therapy. She would only stay for a short time and would go back to her room. With more time, Dr. Porterfield’s therapists had her standing in the standing frame!

Dr. Porterfield shared with our Director of Concierge Services, Michael Rubin, “when noticing myself getting stronger I stopped resisting, I was less depressed and began to have hope. I realized my therapists were right.” A few days after speaking with Michael she took four steps in light-gate, which had officially begun the walking process. The next attempt she took ten steps, then the next time she had walked the full length of the bar in the light gate and back (20 feet)! She was finally strong enough to use a walker for approximately 20 feet of walking while being supported through contact guard assist.

During the rehabilitation process, Dr. Porterfield enjoyed some of the amenities of The Encore such as the musical entertainment, as well as the nursing staff. She stated “I was treated like a princess. Belmante (her nurse aid) acted as my fairy godmother and took care of me like I was her child.”
Her distance progressed over time. She was able to tolerate light standing balance activity, and within a few weeks, she was able to progress to very high-level of balance activities. She was able to perform toilet transfers with a walker alongside a trained aid, which soon progressed to just needing her husband, which eventually progressed further to her complete independence. Dr. Porterfield said, “The effort they had made, made me feel that it was so sincere and personable; I formed a strong bond.”

Eventually, the rehabilitation team recommended upgraded Dr. Porterfield to walking with a cane, but the team did not feel it was entirely safe just yet, so they supported her more through training with the walker for additional balance. Before Dr. Porterfield was discharged, she had progressed to walking stairs as well as car transfers, and was able to go to doctor appointments with her husband. Dr. Porterfield shared one final time as she was beginning to return home:
“It is because of these therapists, how they put up with me and dealt with me. It’s just a wonderful situation how I was able to come back to life. Ever since being able to transfer to the car, my husband and I have been celebrating by getting dinner together. They didn’t give up on me, they always challenged me to progress.”

Dr. Porterfield left The Encore to her home and was very happy. Her goal was to be more independent with a cane alongside home health support. She has since reached out to Michael Rubin stating that she is walking regularly with a cane! We wish her only health and happiness going forward. Dr. Porterfield still comes to visit The Encore as her mother is a resident at The Encore as well.

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Case Study: The Encore At Boca Raton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (May 2018)

Patients Age: 78
Admission Date: 5/14/2018
Admitted From: Boca Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 5/30/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 16 Days
Reason of Stay: Right Shoulder Surgery
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Previous patient

Mr. James Fleischer was originally admitted to The Encore at Boca Raton in March 2018, after a right shoulder surgery for an infection that required six week of antibiotic IV therapy. When he arrived, he was at maximum assist for all of his self-care and mobility and his RUE (Right Upper Extremity) was immobilized at all times in sling.

Mr. Fleischer, was familiar with this community from a previous stay years ago. When he arrived in March 2018, he was uncertain about the care because he had heard a new company had taken over earlier this year. He chose to return to The Encore due to his daughter living nearby in Boca Raton and would easily be able to visit him.

When Mr. Fleischer arrived at The Encore at Boca Raton, he was greeted by the nursing and therapy staff, his right shoulder wound was assessed, and he was placed on his antibiotic therapy.

The concierge and several other incredible team members welcomed him and answered any questions that he had upon arrival. Specifically, his occupational therapist, Norma Guerrero, re-positioned and adjusted his right shoulder sling and positioned him in a wheelchair for mobility.

On May 10th, 2018, Mr. Fleischer was finally cleared and hospitalized to undergo his second of three right shoulder surgeries. He had his right rotator cuff repaired and a right shoulder hemi-arthroplasty (1/2 of shoulder replacement) with antibiotic spacer insertion due to long standing right shoulder infection that he had been battling.

On May 14th, 2018, Mr. Fleischer was re-admitted to The Encore at Boca Raton from Boca Regional Hospital to receive the first few weeks of a six-week course of antibiotic IV therapy and physical and occupational therapy to be able to regain his strength with self-care, transfers, and ambulation to be able to return home to complete his antibiotic therapy. His right shoulder remains immobilized in his right shoulder sling at all times.

On May 30th, 2018, Mr. Fleischer was able to return home to his first-floor condo under eight-hour private aide assistance, along with assistance from his daughter. The physical therapy helped strengthen Mr. Fleisher to the point where his contact guard was at a minimum assistance. With this self-care and mobility, he was able to return back home. We are wishing Mr. Fleischer for his infection to clear, and we hope that at the end of his antibiotic therapy, he can’t receive his full right total shoulder replacement.

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Taking Clinical Care to the Next Level: Embracing Luxury at The Encore

In celebration of outstanding clinical outcomes, customer service, and unprecedented new beginnings, The Encore at Boca Raton was excited to host their return of luxury evening for those in the community! The event featured live music, indulgent chair massages, Urban Zen experiences, and much more! Thank you to those who joined us for this elegant evening!