“The nurses and aides, especially Christine, Mona, and Carmene, were really wonderful and always cheerful. All of the nurses and aides came into my room to introduce themselves daily. I have been to so many places because I have broken so many things. I would come back to The Encore in a heartbeat. My stay there was outstanding. The facility was clean, and the atmosphere was pleasant. Everyone was upbeat and friendly, there were no bumps on my journey.” – Frances G.

“The Encore is one of the top places in South Florida. Having been to other facilities, I can say that this place is far superior to places known as the top. There were many staff members who made this place more than special!” – Carole S.

“Everything at The Encore is very nice. The therapists were exceptional in helping me when I was at a very weak point.” – Eva C.

“Todd and Dennis from the Amputee Program are fabulous. They’re the reason that I came to The Encore. They have given me lots of encouragement. It’s because of them that I am walking today!” – Rosemary F.

“When I came, I was in a wheelchair – I couldn’t walk… I couldn’t do anything. Now, I can walk! Everything about this place is amazing; it’s the best! And [my therapist], J.R., is the best!” – Pilar A.

“The therapy was good, the help was good, and the food was good – everything was wonderful! I came in a serious condition and I’m okay now!” – Arthur B.

“I knew I was going to get better as soon as I came. The nurses are fantastic, the aides are so pleasing. It’s like one big family!” – Olga A.

“The care here is great; they respond in a timely manner. You can see that they care.” – Robert C.

“I’m very pleased. I couldn’t walk when I came here and now I’m walking all over the place!” – Ronald D.

“Therapy was great. This place is very nice, clean, and just beautiful.” – Nicolas Y.

“I love this place. I was treated like a princess and the aides even tucked me in. I can’t find a thing wrong with it.” – Sandra F.

“Everyone here has been very nice, very comforting. Just a very enjoyable experience.” – Irene M.